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It is the year 2079. Fourteen-year-old Abbey Lane dreams in colors that don’t exist anymore. Her life is a drudging routine of protecting her asthmatic genius older brother Paul from dust, and scrounging the ruin of the world with her best friend Max. But when they discover an old notebook in an abandoned university, possibilities open she never imagined. The three set out on an adventure into the past-to 1971 New York City and beyond. Along the way they rediscover nature, eat pizza, become hippies and befriend a tragic, legendary musician who may hold the keys to Earth’s destiny-if only they can save him!

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“Intelligent cli-fi fantasy with Fab Four wish-fulfillment tossed into the Magical Mystery Tour.”

Kirkus Reviews

“This book is quite timely as it is a message of hope and in 2020 we sure could use some hope. The three protagonists, Abbey, Paul and Max are living in a dystopian future that bleak barely describes. They uncover Albert Einstein’s journal and Paul is able to decipher a secret that will change their lives. The author did a great job including historic figures without losing authenticity. I enjoyed the book and it does give me hope!”

–William Bentrim

About Sam Stea

Sam Stea, practicing physician, proud husband,, and father of a wonderful son and daughter, is the author of Edge of Elsewhere

Some time ago, he took a simple and deliberate step back from the complexity of his life, to see himself in a much bigger picture, within a context of past and future, within the balance of the human species with nature, and with what is truly lasting beyond ones years.

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